Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Getting back on the horse... featuring the Little Phatty

Little Phatty Demo by The Synth Symp
Hey everyone,

Apologies for really dropping the ball in the past week.  I had a kidney stone (again) and haven't really been quite in the mood to blog, but I'm trying to end that tonight, and start getting back to my daily and bi-daily posts.  As always, if you want to see anything on the site, let me know via one of the many forms of communication I have.

I bought a Little Phatty Stage II off of eBay on Friday night, it shipped out Saturday, and it arrived Tuesday, and I gotta say, I've been having a blast.  I made a quick demo of the Phatty (plus some Logic Reverb and Vintage warmer compression).  You can hear how sweet it sounds, and how cool the arpeggiator (I latched it) sounds.  Such phat sounds indeed.  Truly a remarkable instrument, and among the holy grail of modern analog beasts.  I'm so happy to have it.  I hope you enjoy, and I can assure you I'll make more posts on it in the future.  And please request something!  Anything!