Friday, April 19, 2013

Daft Punk's New Single "Get Lucky" is finally here; What do you think?

After many sleepless nights for Daft Punk fans, "Get Lucky" featuring Pharrell Williams is finally here (you can grab it on iTunes here, or any number of websites).  This track actually leaked earlier this week with unmastered vocals, and many of us were left guessing if it could be the real thing, or if it was just a Pharrell impersonator, considering a leak with only unmastered vocals is so unusual.

I initially wasn't too keen on the track, as it's such a far departure from previous work.  The radio edit is only 4:07, and it just seems short to listen to.  Furthermore, we're all accustomed to DP using repeats to drive a point home, especially in the case of Human After All-- the title track of which is 5:20 of repeats with slow variation.  Putting a pop vocalist on a DP track takes away from the familiar, almost comforting house style.  The other problem is the two clips that were released first, which are the two main parts of this song, are the ONLY parts of this song.  You've heard parts A and B since the beginning, and the only thing left that's new is Pharrell.  The album version is supposed to be about 6 minutes long, meaning we're missing a full two minutes of what I can only assume to be instrumental music-- hopefully Nile Rodgers will take a bigger spotlight in this time.

On the positive side of this release, it notes a major departure from the past-- it's always good to see a band take on a new direction, and this is a welcome one.  "Get Lucky" sounds like a legitimate disco song.  Purely from a technical standpoint, the recording is a masterpiece.  It has the warmth of a vintage record, yet the crisp and clear sound of a modern record.  The performances are tight.  And the vocals are catchy!

I know there's a large group of people perhaps disappointed in this track, but you have to keep in mind, it is a radio edit, and it is a "featuring Pharrell" track, meaning he's bringing something new to the table, and he's the star.  And you've also heard these parts probably 100 times listening to the previews, so there's also that part of the expectation to.

So in short-- I like this track a lot.  The recording is some of the best I've heard in a long time, this is a new direction for dance music, and that's all worth applauding.  If you hate this track, remember this is a 74 minute record, and we've only heard 4 minutes of what is probably the most mainstream moment of the record.

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