Monday, April 30, 2012

Waldorf Blofeld Love

I don't often post digital synths on here, probably because I'm a bit biased towards the analogs, but that doesn't mean they're all bad.  I recall a couple years ago a friend of mine telling me that the Blofeld was an incredible instrument, and here I am, a couple years later, posting it on this very blog.  The Blofeld is a bit of a legend, and you can find a fair share of diehards who love Waldorf on every synth and production forum on the net, right beside the guys who champion the Access Virus.  However, unlike the Virus, the Blofeld won't destroy your bank account, with the module version coming in at around $600 USD new (and seemingly even cheaper on Amazon with that link).  What I really dig about synth modules over software synths is that even if your computer is garbage, you can still lay down the tracks and get music made.  All that audio processing is done in your module-- probably why I like hardware synths so much.  Of course, this argument is a bit moot if you have an incredible computer, but there's something that's so old-school and tangible about hardware.  The greats of the 80s weren't clicking mice, they were turning knobs.  Hopefully this post isn't a pure gear lust inciter.  Enjoy a track of pure Blofeld courtesy of YouTube below.

Punks Jump Up feat Dave 1 - Mr Overtime (Official Video)

Yeah, I'm aware that literally the post before this is a remix of this track, but I found this official music video of Punks Jump Up featuring Dave 1, and it's too cool not to post.  In fact, the colors are so awesome, if and when I re-do the color scheme for the blog, I might take some of these ideas.  I like them that much.  It's also cool to hear the non-remix version, the track is actually spectacular.  I saw Dave-1 tweeted that it's nearly 2 years old as far as creation goes (he says he recorded his vocals a couple years ago), so it's interesting to see a track that's been sitting around for quite some time.  Well worth the wait, though!