Friday, February 22, 2013

Waldorf Announce New Pocket Sized Synth, Rocket

While the world has been patiently awaiting the Pulse 2 from Waldorf, apparently they've been working on a cool little surprise called the Rocket.  The Rocket is a USB powered 8 oscillator synth (used polyphonically or monophonically) with an analog filter.  I'm guessing the oscillators are digital due to the wording of the press release, but Waldorf is known to have some of the best sounding digital gear, so this should sound pretty fantastic-- and it does, judging by this short YouTube clip.  The price is about 205 euro, so this could land in the US for hopefully $300 (I'm guessing, between exchange rates and VAT), making it a great competitor in the market.  I'm still a bit vague on some of the details-- they use the word "envelopes" but the layout doesn't make it clear if that means one for VCA and VCF specifically, but hopefully that's the case.  Either way, I'm stoked to hear more about this, and you can grab one in March.


Check out more pictures and a full press release below.