Sunday, January 6, 2013

Goodie Bag! - Free Music

Hey everybody! Happy 2013! Here's a goodie bag of free stuff. Ten free tracks that I've selected, a great free mix from French Express, a free mash-up from our friend SilenX, and a free oldie favorite of mine. [Some tracks may have links in the description - or you may need to "click through" to DL, that is up to you!]  [Follow Synth Symp on Twitter]  ::  [Like us on Facebook]

Free Mix from Frech Express' Isaac Tichauer ::

Free "Mash-Up" from SilenX ::

And a Free Oldie Favorite  - a Kartell Remix of a Poolside jam ::

Stay tuned for more synth hardware news as well!! ~ sorry about the length ~