Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Free Alan Braxe EP - Moments In Time

If you're an Alan Braxe fan, you can grab a new free EP featuring Alan and the Spimes over at Scion AV. This EP has top-notch production, with four songs and a set of remixes featuring some other favorites like Lifelike.  I'm surprised such a quality EP is free.  Be sure to listen over at Scion AV.  I can't seem to post it here, otherwise I would embed it.  Check it out!

Box of Wolves & Christa Vi - Boy

Here's a new Single from everyone's favorite up-and-coming label, Electronic Rumors.  The new EP is from Box of Wolves & Christa Vi, and the title track "Boy" is an awesome big beat dance hall jam with warm pads and great vocals.  Also included is a set of remixes and a lovely B-side called "The Machine".  Be sure to grab the EP on March 11th.