Monday, March 12, 2012

Alphabeat's New Single "Vacation" is Here!

After a couple of quiet years, today marks the international release of Alphabeat's new single "Vacation".  Like their earlier work, "Vacation" features upbeat melodies and catchy vocal lines, but with a new perfect 1980s vintage feel.  While 2009's The Spell (The Beat Is... in some countries) seemed to focus more on early 90s dance roots, the new single pulls back to an earlier time when riding your DeLorean to the beach felt more right than anything else.

Be sure to pass this around to your friends and throw it on your car mix because this next record is going to be huge.  Alphabeat's two previous albums are a testament to classic pop music being made outside the US and UK; their hits "Fascination" and "DJ" have spawned classic remixes from international fans like Frankmusik and Madeon.  As a fan of this band, I can't be any more excited about the direction this single goes and I can't wait for the rest of the new record coming this summer.  Let's make this summer the summer of Alphabeat.