Monday, July 1, 2013

Korg Volca Series finally hits consumers' hands!

After a long blog break, I'm back, and ready for more.

The Korg Volca series seems to be out and about in Japan, and possibly the UK as well, so if you're been keeping an eye on these highly anticipated modules, the wait should soon be over.  The easiest way to track the new videos if you're still deciding is to use YouTube's newest uploads (linked here for quick access).  This way, you'll get a sense of how they actually sound in the hands of the users, and not the official Korg videos-- while the official videos are cool, they of course can't show the full dimensions of this, or any synth.

If you're looking for more info on specifications or using a Volca, you can read the manual on the official Korg site.  Overall, these look like a ton of fun for a great price ($150 street each).  If you have one, tweet at me (@TheSynthSymp) and let me know how it is.

Above is someone's review of the Bass.

Here is someone doing a cover of Daft Punk on a Beats and Bass.