Monday, August 20, 2012

Topless Interview

Topless is a stunning duo from the Netherlands breaking on to the scene with incredible retro style and 80s synth grooves.  The band's eponymous EP arrived early this year with the fantastic single "Say You Love Me" (video and track below), among other old-school hits.  I was immediately intrigued by the perfect balance of high production quality without skimping on the retro vibe, so I had to get in touch with Topless.  The band was signed to Instant-Replay last year, so thankfully, plenty more music is on the horizon.  Be sure to read the full interview below.

Besides, when else can you search the word "Topless" and genuinely not intend to find something dirty?

Modified Concertmate/Moog MG1 Samples

"Sorry about the video cut out near the end...the camera ran out of memory. The audio is recorded directly from an added 1/4" audio out jack in the back.

A very small sample of possible sounds with the following modifications:

- Four LFO Speeds: 1/4 Original, 1/2 Original, Original, and Hyper speed
- Contour to Tone Source 2 for Sync Sweep or Pitch Swoops
- Disengage LFO to Tone Source 1
- Octave switch for Tone Source 1 for four octaves: -3, -2, -1, 0.
- TS1/TS2 Frequency Modulation"

Courtesy of MatrixSynth