Tuesday, November 20, 2012

First Elektron Analog Four Videos

Intrigued by the Elektron Analog Four, but not sure what to make of it?  Above, we have what seems to be the first video of it in action.  Again, very similar to the other Elektron devices in the programming workflow, but the Analog Four is showing itself off as a fantastic live device.  The effects and sequencing just sound so cool live, and the amount of knobs and buttons really keep control quick.  Overall, it just screams fun to me.

What do you think?

Queen of Hearts - "Warrior"

Queen of Hearts has just released a new video for her single "Warrior".  The video has great production values (looks just about ready for MTV-- if MTV played anything decent!) and the track seems to be transcending obscure, with that right amount of greater pop appeal while still retaining its creative edge.  The Queen of Hearts back catalog is all fantastic as well.

Don't forget, this one is also produced by the legendary Diamond Cut.

Be sure to grab the single "Warrior" on December 2nd.  You can preorder now.