Saturday, April 21, 2012

Deadmau5 takes on unknown singer Chris James for "The Veldt"

I've never posted Deadmau5 on the blog since mostly everyone has heard him, but I do respect the man.  First for his great collection of synths and good, albeit mainstream, electronic music.  Next for his defending of the genre of EDM as a genre for drug users only.  Now, he's taken an unknown artist/ fan of his named Chris James's vocal mix of his track "The Veldt" and turned it into a full on "featuring" track.  James' vocals lend themselves perfectly to the feel of the music, and this collaboration turns "The Veldt" into something really special, as Deadmau5 helps launch the career of someone new.  How can you not dig that?  You can find a rip for download over in the comments on Reddit.