Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Links!

Hey guys,
First off, you might notice the site should load a bit faster, as I've taken all of the longer posts and put them in a "read more" format.  Now you can just click that and go to the page with the rest of the article.  Cool right?  Should making coming back more often faster.

I've recently been digging this guy's videos.  He takes Daft Punk covers and tries to recreate them on his Alesis Micron.  In this video he actually teaches you the hook to "Derezzed" as well.  He's actually a pretty good programmer and shows off that synth nicely.  Hit him up, write some nice comments.

Fear of Tigers put out his newest podcast (as heard above).  Another classic!  It's only him this time, no guests (no guests on the guestlist?)  If you haven't checked out his back catalog of podcasts, I STRONGLY urge you to.

Also would like to mention this track by Com Truise.  I love the subtle reference-- "Fairlight".  Haven't picked up Mr. Truise's new record yet, but I hope to soon...

Finally, there are seriously big things coming.  I don't want to spoil any of it, but you'll get your first taste Monday morning (US time), so check back, and make sure to follow the Facebook Page and Twitter!  Everybody rock until then!