Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Perfect Collaboration: Why Chromeo and Breakbot should do a record together

Breakbot's By Your Side is as smooth as modern funk gets.  The record keeps an old, "your mom and dad's record" vibe to it with its incredibly vintage production,  The record is never overbearing with its arrangement.  It is funk, with piano and fat bass throughout.

Chromeo have been longtime proponents of new funk, specifically a subdivision called electro-funk, due to their use of synthesizers and a talkbox.  Each record Chromeo has put out has been progressively more accessible and pop without compromising on the funk at heart-- it's as if Roger Troutman of Zapp and Hall & Oates magically had two children of their own.

She's the Queen's "Talk To Me" EP is here!

The fantastic full-blown official release of She's the Queen's official Talk To Me EP is here.  There's a superb array of remixers present in addition to the original stunning pop track.  The remixes feature head bobbing moments to full on get-up-and-rave times.  Be sure to grab the new EP on Juno or iTunes.  Don't forget to check out She's the Queen on SoundCloud or the label behind all this, the sensational Electronic Rumours.