Sunday, April 15, 2012

Messing with the Monotribe

Thought I'd drop together a short demo of the Monotribe with MIDITRIBE for you all.  Just clicked it on and did it live.  A little bit of compression and reverb, which probably lowers the power of the kick, but oh well.  Enjoy!

Com Truise LIVE Video - Official

A little Com Truise for your Sunday afternoon. Need I say more?

Breakbot releases "Programme" B-side (Free Download)

Wow.  Funk master Breakbot released a new track called "Programme"on Friday.  It's only a b-side to an upcoming single, but man, this track is cool.  Completely different than what many EDM artists are doing today.  Completely bumping and yet has some nice piano touch to it as well-- this track begs to be put on amongst friends while chilling out.  Breakbot's captured the 70s magically in his production as well.  Be on the look out for his new record By Your Side coming in the fall.

SCI Prophet 600 = Welcome

Youtube user n3bsvid shows off his new SCI Prophet 600.