Friday, October 26, 2012

Ableton announces Live 9 and the Push Controller

Wow.  Ableton has just stepped up and killed it with their announcement of Live 9 and their new controller Push.  Live 9 has a variety of great improvements over Live 8, many of which were demanded by the users themselves, like automation curves and automation to clips.  They've added the fantastic Glue Compressor as a standard to Live 9, and made visual editing in the EQ and compressor much easier as well.  The library, which was before clunky and slow, has been completely overhauled to make finding patches and plugins much quicker.  My favorite addition in Live 9 might be the conversion capabilities of audio to MIDI.  This means you can either sing a set of notes, and turn it into MIDI for a plugin, play some guitar notes and do the same, or beatbox a beat and turn that into a drum pattern on the computer.  This works with sampled audio, or you could easily drop in a track you enjoy.  Absolutely awesome.  MIDI transform has been upgraded, giving you the ability to get some great changes very quickly over a MIDI section.  Some great Max for Live devices have been added as well. All fantastic features-- nothing here is going to be skipped over and ignored.  I haven't heard any word on 64 bit support, but I'm hoping it's there.  64 bit is supported!

Chris Malinchak - "So Good to Me'

Earlier this week, the NYC based Label, FRENCH EXPRESS released a free track from artist Chris Malinchak. "So Good to Me" is a soulful house track that warms the listener and features some airy vocals. Definitely worth a free download for its addicting nature! Also, check out FRENCH EXPRESS for more FREE DOWNLOADS of artists like Moonboots and Perseus. (Oh everything is free to download! - Take it on the go!)