Sunday, March 3, 2013

Daft Punk's New Sound Emerges on SNL

Daft Punk's new sound was heard on Saturday Night Live's commercial break this weekend.  This is actually super exciting as far as news goes because it confirms something is on the horizon, and likely will be here before the year is over-- but hopefully the wait won't be that long.  Full Nile Rodgers influence is here as well, and if you wanted DP to step away from the harder house of Human After All, you will likely be stoked to hear a more Discovery-era sound.  LIVE INSTRUMENTS!  When was the last time you heard live funk instruments like that from an electronic group?

Don't forget, the original date rumored of something new was 3.13.13 (or 13.3.13 for you non-Americans.)  Let's hope we get the full details, or even single, then.

EDIT: Apparently they took down the video... but I'm sure a quick YouTube search will show you the clip!