Monday, August 22, 2011

Ben Lee Interview: Catching up and his new record, 'Deeper Into Dream'

Ben Lee is an old favorite of mine.  I first became enamored with his sound when he released the single "Catch My Disease" back in 2005, supporting his album Awake is the New Sleep.  Awake is a quintessential feel good pop album.  Prior to that, he had released a few other albums-- my favorite being Breathing Tornados, a record of odd samples beautifully strung together-- not something you hear typically from a singer/songwriter.  Since Awake came out, Ben has also put out two other great pop records-- Ripe and The Rebirth of Venus.  While he isn't the most synth-y artist to have on the site, I was sure to snatch up an opportunity to talk to him a bit about those old records, and chat about his upcoming release.  You can hear his new single over at Spinner.