Tuesday, March 5, 2013

What should Korg remake next? Here's 4 Picks

While I don't have concrete preorder numbers (I don't work for Korg!), the MS-20 Mini is already a hit thanks to preorders by many synth enthusiasts.  The promise of retro look, feel, and sound combined with modern reliability has made the MS-20 Mini this year's Arturia MiniBrute, which sold out for months after last year's NAMM show.  Fortunately for Korg, their larger infrastructure should mean more people are buying sooner-- and increasing Korg's incentives to take the remakes further.  Here's a few choices for Korg to consider.

New Arcades - Dreamers

Here's a cool little track from the New Arcades out of London.  Really love the way this track sounds like the end theme of an old 80s flick.  It's odd how there's a ton of emotion here, but with no words.  Simple, but sweet.