Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Tesla Boy - "1991"

After the last post and this one, we might as well call today "90s Wednesday".  Tesla Boy gets the "last century" feel on hardcore with synth stabs and lady back up vocals, and it feels so right.  Perhaps you'll be reminded of some of Alphabeat's "Heatwave" at moments too-- and that's nothing but a good thing.  Here's hoping we hear more artists breaking out of the awesome, but currently crowded, 80s, and into the decade of Ace of Base.

Patrick Baker - "This Love (Higher)"

Patrick Baker's latest offering is the free "This Love (Higher)", an incredible percussion driven track with breathy vocals.  Killer sound and production-- PB's tapped into this "dirty 90s music" scene, and hits is so perfectly.  Awesome to hear such a unique influence-- perhaps we'll be seeing more and more 90s stylings from other artists soon, but Baker's marking his ground first.