Friday, August 5, 2011

Fun Friday - She's the Queen 'Sleepwalker's Curse' Demo

She's the Queen - Sleepwalker's Curse [Exclusive Demo] by The Synth Symp

Hey everyone, hope you had a good week and enjoyed the feature on Manchester.  I've got some really big things coming up, so be sure to be here Monday for the first in a set of interviews I'm incredibly excited about.  Be sure to come back then.

I wrestled this demo out of the hands of She's the Queen a few days ago for the site.  The track 'Sleepwalker's Curse' is a fan favorite for the band, so getting an intimate look at the infancy of this song adds a great perspective.  This early demo showcases a less effect-filled, piano heavy version of the track, and lacks the slow buildup to the chorus we all know well now.  The versions before this were still in the phase of the band finding its sound-- perhaps one day Emily and Drew will release more of their other demo tracks as well, so be sure to bug them on Twitter about it.

Have a good weekend, and see you here Monday!