Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Zimmer - Day Dreams | February Tape

French producer Zimmer posted up his February mixtape today.  He begins with a nice track from Roche Musique's FKJ and also puts in a bunch of other recent and some unreleased tracks. The hidden treat that was also in The Maigician's Magic Tape #30 -- "Only You Can Show Me" -- from L.A.'s Goldroom is thrown in there at about 10 minutes in. Definitely check that one out!

GMGN - Break It (Be Yourself) -- GMGN @ VELOUR in Philadelphia

You can hear some really interesting production technique in this track from DJ/Producer, GMGN. Blending together the filter, break beats, and some nice piano chords, the beat and great vocal chops -- he really puts the whole package together! If you're ever around in Boston -- catch him for a show! Otherwise -- if you live in Philadelphia -- come see him at the 5 hour disco party -- Velour

Native Instrument tease new synth, possibly called "Monark"

Native Instrument's new synth is supposedly called "Monark," according to the title of some image files on their site.  NI promises a "revolution", but the current demos don't seem to show off anything particularly spectacular.  Perhaps the revolution is in the design, coding, or work flow, so we'll have to wait and see.  Enjoy some demos while we wait to hear more.

Daft Punk Update Website, Speculation Begins (Again)

It may only be a new picture, but Daft Punk's website has been updated, and the internet is bustling with speculation once again.  I can actually recall making what was almost this exact post maybe a year ago, but obviously nothing has happened since.  The new picture shows the Columbia Label name, of which Daft Punk joined recently, another indicator that something big is just around the corner.  You'll also recall that Yelle, who is supposedly a friend of Daft Punk, indicated she knew something was coming a few months back in a tweet.  Nile Rodgers, the legendary producer, has said he's worked on the album with the French duo, so there's a good chance we could have a modern classic on our hands.  Until then, we can only dream...

Ableton Push - Flight of the Bumblebee

This video nicely demonstrates the (relative) ease of playing instruments in Ableton Live 9 with Push.  "Flight of the Bumblebee" is no easy song to play on piano, but Push seems to reduce the amount of time it would take to learn and perform it dramatically, with the help of the changing of scales on the pads.  Pretty nifty.

Arturia release iMini, a MiniMoog for your iPad

Been tempted by the Arturia MiniMoog, but haven't pulled the trigger yet?  Arturia has released the iMini, an iPad version of their MiniMoog plugin, for $9.99.  The layout is eerily similar to that of the Animoog, but of course, the core synthesis engine is still the same old Moog we know and love.  Check out the above video for a full demonstration of features.  Grab it on the App Store.

EDIT: Full press release:

Arturia advances history-making Minimoog to iPad musical masses!

"The iMini turned my iPad into an ‘old skool’ analogue bass monster! Its sound is irresistibly ‘phat’ and very close to the original. If you want that typical dirty Moog sound then the iMini is all you’ll ever need. It’s by far the most powerful and hypnotising synth app on the market.”
- Stefan Bodzin, 2013 (DJ/producer, remixer of Depeche Mode, Booka Shade, and more)

GRENOBLE, FRANCE: music software and hardware company Arturia is proud to announce availability of iMini, an authentic recreation of the all-time classic Minimoog monosynth for Apple’s all-conquering iPad, as of February 27...
iMini is based on the TAE® (True Analog Emulation) synthesis technology found in Arturia’s award-winning Mini V soft synth, meticulously modelling the distinctive tones and analogue nuances of the legendary Seventies-vintage Minimoog Model D monosynth. Moog changed the musical world with the Minimoog and Arturia helped change the music software world with the Mini V.

Arturia now brings the still-sought-after classic Minimoog sound to the musical masses, transforming any iPad mini, iPad 2, or iPad with Retina display into the ultimate analogue synth emulation! Those timeless three oscillators and that 24dB per octave fabled filter are all present and accounted for in iMini. It also successfully sports the look and feel of Dr Bob Moog’s namesake iconic synthesizer for all to see (and hear). But being a game-changing iPad app for 2013 and not an analogue synth design dating back to 1970 means there’s a whole lot more to iMini than first meets the eye...