Monday, July 22, 2013

She's the Queen release new single "Cold Heart/I Don't Wanna Know"

She's the Queen's new dual single "Cold Heart/I Don't Wanna Know" dropped yesterday, and the two new tracks mark the most professional recording and catchiest songs for the group yet.  "Cold Heart" features pumping beats, an uplifting chorus, and a brilliant string outro.  "I Don't Wanna Know" has a soaring bass and great pop hooks.

Be sure to grab the single in your favorite online retailers (iTunes, Amazon).

Dan Black's video for "Hearts" features impressive 24 hour human time lapse

Dan Black, who is an incredibly friendly fellow and former interviewee of the blog, has premiered his new video for "Hearts", which includes an incredible 24 hour time lapse of Dan on a rooftop.  This is no easy feat, as he had to sit around for pretty much an entire day mouthing a song.  The video is a couple months old at this point, but is simply too cool to not post.  Check it out, and the making of video below.