Monday, September 10, 2012

Korg's 9/4 announcement more or less a publicity stunt; why must the biggest companies continue to make lame products?

"Man, Korg is really overdue for another workstation.  I really need a new one" - No one, ever
Korg's big 9/4 announcement, which they hyped up, revealed a new workstation, Krome, some special editions of the MicroKorg, and some other small items.  If you recall, in 2011, Korg unveiled the Kronos, another workstation.  At this point, the MicroKorg engine is 10 years old and hasn't really been changed.  So what gives?  Why did Korg blow this release up like it was something unique and special?  Yeah, I know they're trying to make money, but it strikes me as so dishonest.