Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Buying Your First Synthesizer: The 2016 Guide

We're deep into 2016 and it's once again time share with you the latest and greatest in (mostly) analog synthesizers.  This year we have perhaps the greatest starting analog synthesizer ever, the Korg Monologue, a $500 4-voice polysynth.  On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Dave Smith Tom Oberheim OB-6 ranks as one of the biggest sounding polysynths of recent memory.  In between, we have some new additions as well.  Here's a breakdown of what's available.

I'm going to mark the synths that were not announced or released at the time of last year's guide with NEW, so you will be able to easily distinguish what's new.  I've also added some digital or not fully analog gear, so I'll be marking that accordingly to.

In addition what you see below, I plan on expanding this guide as new gear comes out and as new questions come in from readers.  If you're looking for something else, or have a question, shoot me an email and check back to this page soon.

As with previous iterations of this guide, it will be focused on new synthesizers, so don't expect anything that's not currently or very recently in production.  I've also mainly chosen to focus on analog synthesizers, although there will be a few recommendations that are either partly or fully digital.

Special note:  I've included Amazon links on the names of all the synths, so if you're interested in buying from Amazon, use that link!  Not only will it help support the blog, but you will also find Amazon has sales at times, so you'll find $10~$50 off on some synths. #ad