Friday, August 17, 2012

New Alan Braxe Mixes

Here are two new fantastic mixes from Alan Braxe.  Always great to hear a new mix from the legendary French producer, who brings something new every time.  I hope we hear more from this great label soon.  Be sure to check out his Q&A with

Mindscramble - Upstart (2012 Remix)

Here's a track from Mindscramble being released on the Synthwave Vol 1 Compilation.  Incredibly 80s, and I dig it.  There's that nice pumping beat and some smooth keyboard work.

Shook - Summerheat (feat. Pumashock)

Here's a new track from Shook called "Summerheat".  Shook's usual bag of tricks like Moog-y bass and a great rthym section are all present here, and it's a delight.  There's some really great piano work, too.  Be sure to grab it from Bandcamp.