Monday, October 29, 2012

The Hair Kid - "Spring Fling"

I got a nice email last week from blog fan The Hair Kid, who's a synthesist himself, making a mix of instrumental tracks and rap tracks. Above is his instrumental "Spring Fling", which shows alot of promise for the future. Excellent beats, great warm synths, and a pretty awesome arrangement. THK says his gear includes "Moog Model D, Juno 106, DX7, Access Virus, Syntecno TeeBee and Akai S612."

Below is his album, so if you're any fan of rap in addition to electronic music, check it out.  Track 6 "Love Me Tender" has some great cut up production in the second half.

Hand in Hand - MAM

We're really excited to see this group of musicians grow in the next few months! MAM is a collaboration between two producers, Miguel Campbell and Matt Hughes. This track for Nice to Be Records is something soulful, crisp and well produced.  Although this track is not free from soundcloud, please play it out! (The whole EP is wonderful)

You can buy it here!


Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Are Made Of This) - Get That Sound

Have you ever wanted to sound like the Eurythmics? Future Music has a short little tutorial on copying the sound of "Sweet Dreams".  These are always nice little videos because they can give you ideas on how to use plugins, even if you aren't copying the sounds.  Check it out.

Moog Announces 500 Series Delay

Were you a fan of Moog's 500 series low pass filter?  Moog has just announced the next 500 series module, a delay effect, which will ship this December for $999.  I imagine this will be a hit with the higher-end producers, because it sounds pretty cool.  Delay, as many of you know, is a staple in electronic music, and Moog has fantastic experience with it, as with many other effects, through the Moogerfooger line.  Read the full details below.