Thursday, January 23, 2014

Elektron Analog Rytm Price and NAMM Demo

The Elektron Analog RYTM will release Q1 2014 with an MSRP of $1,549.  As mentioned before, it's an 8 voice analog drum machine with sample support from Elektron.  Elektron's designs have been praised for their fantastic workflow, and the RYTM seems to follow in the footsteps of the Analog Four in terms of style.

Check out the video below to see the RYTM in action.

Korg MS-20 Kit -- Build a Full Size MS-20 without Soldering

Korg's first synth bit out of NAMM is the Korg MS-20 kit, a limited edition 'some assembly required' full size MS-20.  If you can't solder, it's no problem, it doesn't need it.

The kit will sell for $1,400, which seems to be a tall order since the Mini is less than half the price at $599.  However, the kit does add the option to switch between the older and newer MS-20 filter designs of the original.

Look for this one in March.

NAMM 2014 Moog Sub 37 - Prototype 1st Look

Here's a first look at the new Sub 37 from Moog!  In short, it's a 37 key version of the Sub Phatty, with an added paraphonic voice.  Looks like a huge hit.

I know plenty of you are hoping for a "Polyphonic Moog!" but this isn't quite there-- it's better to think of it as the Sub Phatty Deluxe, since the features are so similar, save for the extra paraphonic voice, and a new feedback overdrive knob.

I'll be posting any more videos I can find of the new beast, but you won't be seeing it until late spring or summer-- with a price tag of about $1,499.