Friday, April 6, 2012

Daroc - Pyschodio

Want some swirling synths for your Friday night?  French producer Daroc has sent me over a video for his track "Pyschodio" which is covered in tasty arpeggiated bass lines and swirling pads.  Warning: if you're under the influence, this video might make you fall out of your seat.  Enjoy!

Futurecop! Release New "Starworshipper" Video and EP

Futurecop's "Starworshipper" has been floating around on the interwebs for some time now, but finally the track has gotten a proper EP and video release, the EP coming on April 24th.  You can currently get a free download of the Mitch Murder remix to satisfy your appetite until the full EP is released.  I learned today that the track is actually a Diamond Cut production, which helps explains some of it's magical effect on my ears.  Be sure to check out the video above for a night out with two 80's influenced gals.