Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Electronic Rumors Volume One Available February 13th

Hey guys,
Really excited to show off this new compilation from fellow blogger and friend Electronic Rumors.  The new CD, which comes out this Monday, February 13th, is a perfect selection of some of the newest underground synth and electronic goods.  I know this may sound a bit commercial (and I hate commercials) but I wouldn't even recommend it unless I knew it was great.  ER is an incredible electronic music blog-- a more complete and varied music blog than here, where I take on a mix of both synth news and music.  ER also has a knack for uncovering some of the best unknown synth tracks, which is a talent I'm still learning.  For a glimpse of some of the tracks on the CD, listen to the album mix below.

Some of the artists featured on the CD have been on this very same blog, including Diamond Cut, Fear of Tigers, and She's the Queen.  The compilation will also be released as a digital download, so you won't have to worry about shipping charges to your private island.  If you're in the UK, there's an album launch party on Friday, February 10th at 93 Feet East on London's Brick Lane.  Fear of Tigers, Queen of Hearts, Ronika, Substatic, Kid Kasio, and Echoes will all be performing.  For more information on the release party, click here.

Here's the tracklist:
01. Vanbot - Make Me, Break Me
02. Fear Of Tigers - The Adventures Of Pippi Longstrump (Diamond Cut reMix)
03. Queen Of Hearts - Where Are You Now? (StardonE Radio Mix)
04. Echoes - Second Best
05. Ronika - Wiyoo
06. Cosmonaut Grechko - All I Hear (Cosmo Black reMix)
07. Ride The Universe - A Little Better (Feat. Jane Elizabeth Hanley)
08. Substatic - Gold
09. LexiconDon - December Sunset (Keenhouse reMix)
10. She's The Queen - Waiting Game
11. Futurecop! - Me & U
12. Kid Kasio - Not For Turning
13. Show Your Shoe - Krokodil
14. Short Circuit - Let Go (NightWaves reMix)
15. beaumont - Reptile Blaze

Be sure to pick up the compilation on Monday, February 13th, 2012!