Saturday, May 7, 2011

Soviet Synths

Have you ever heard of soviet synthesizers?
I came across one of these by accident a few months ago on eBay and had never heard of them. Currently, I can only find a couple of the one in the video above (The Polivoks) on eBay, but they look pretty cool (excuse the weirdness in the video above). Definitely an interesting buy for someone who has the money. Unfortunately, most of us probably can't read the russian so I have no idea what the parameters are, although the one months ago had a translation of all of the parameters.

There's a nice site with tons of them listed here.


  1. i saw these sythies somewhere on but never heard there sounds. they seem to be interesting because they've cost just around 300 euro iirc

    nice blog!

  2. 300 euros? get one at that deal... only problem is there is no customer service.