Thursday, July 28, 2011

AIMES - Every Time When I See You (Radio Edit)

Hey everyone, hope you're enjoying your Thursday.  I was recently introduced to a new artist called AIMES.  AIMES has got a nice fresh approach to synth pop-- his vocals nicely straddle modern and the soft spoken 80s.  Combine that with a funky beat and some nice analog synths, and you've got yourself catchy dance music.

'Every Time When I See You' is AIMES' new single. The hook in this track has got a ton of detune-- I've never heard it used in this way.  Note how the hook seems to bend up-- some nice work programming, Mr. AIMES.  I also love the slight chip tune-y pads in the background.  Not overpowering in anyway, it adds a nice touch to the track.  A perfect song for the summer.

Up for free download is the B-Side, 'Is A Good Friend?'.  Be sure to grab it below.  This track features, again, great programming and some interesting vocal samples.  Reminds me of a soundtrack to a dream.  It's nice to hear an American guy adding to the dance/french house/synth scene. I'm already excited to check out his record coming out August 2nd, entitled Your Floor Is Now a Tree.


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