Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Retro Round-up

Feeling a bit like covering a few things today.

I found a great page today from Synthmania called Famous Sounds, which has a long list of tracks with an explanation of what made their sound.  They also have audio clips to point you to exactly what they're talking about.  It's totally worth a run through, and they even have a page dedicated to the DX7.  Thinking about picking up a DX7?  The page has samples of all of the patches, too.

Also enjoyable is Sound on Sound's review of the Prophet 08 back from February 2008.  The reviewer Gordon Reid does a great job explaining all of the pros and cons of modern vs vintage, but overall determines that the Prophet 08 is worthy of the name.  Great job, DSI!

Dave Smith Instruments Prophet 08 PE Keyboard Synthesizer

And while we're still discussing vintage, Mix Online has a great article on what went into creating Phil Collins' track "In The Air Tonight".  I highly recommend checking this out, especially if you are a gear nerd.  Really puts you in the mood to create something synthy.  Mix also has a large catalog of other "classic" tracks that they have similar articles.  I enjoyed reading what went on behind Toto's "Africa" as well.

Also found this very cool video of Genesis from their Mama tour playing "Second Home by the Sea".

And finally, your weekly mixes.

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