Sunday, August 21, 2011

AIMES Album Review

I was given the album Your Floor Is Now a Tree a couple weeks ago by newcomer AIMES. I had been meaning to review this for a couple weeks now, but kept having to push it back-- I wanted to make sure I heard the record enough to know what I like, and I figured since this is the first album review on the site, I have to do it justice.

First and foremost, I'm not really sure how to categorize this music-- regardless if you like categorization or not, it helps explain what an artist sounds like to new comers. It's certainly not a house record, as there are far too many slower jams, but it's definitely synthy and out there. Perhaps this is the "chill-wave" I hear so much about?

The record has a great atmosphere to it. Every track has great production, and sounds great on my speakers. The tracks range from the more spacey to the more beachy. My favorite is still the single, "Every Time When I See You", which sadly had its awesome introduction cut out to make it radio friendly. The intro features great rhythmic synths and slowly builds to the start of the main motif. It's also one of the more dance friendly tracks as it's got an uptempo four on the floor beat, and tons of rhythmic elements to keep the ear happy.

I really do enjoy the synth work, for me that's the highlight. AIMES has encapsulated a lot of great sounds in this record and they're certainly inspired. "She Knows the Future" has great bubbly synths that carry upwards-- definitely a summer track for me. There's also an occasional guitar. "Living Like We Do" has some great portamento sounds as well, and a great beat. "Hard Notes & Love Drugs" features some great vocoding and and classic 80s pads.

If you dig spacey synth work, check out AIMES' record Your Floor Is Now a Tree.

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