Monday, October 10, 2011

Arturia planning Oberheim SEM Virtual Synth Plugin

Arturia is planning a new remake for the virtual synth line of the classic Oberheim SEM synthesizer, continuing their long line of virtual synth plugins based on classic synths.  Currently, they have the Minimoog Model D, SCI Prophet 5, and Roland Jupiter 8 to name a few.  The Oberheim joins the team, and it's the first virtual Oberheim I've seen.  More details should be on Arturia's site on the 25th of October.

Oberheim is  named after Tom Oberheim, its founder.  He's considered one of the big three synth legends, next to Bob Moog and Dave Smith ( who started Moog Music and Sequential Circuits, respectively).  You can still buy new Oberheim SEMs from Tom Oberheim's site for a pretty penny as well.  While I'm a die-hard analog fan at heart, it is nice to have a virtual recreation of a lesser known (and seen) synth.  Arturia makes very nice plugins, although they tend to dominate computers because of their high CPU usage.  Regardless, if your computer is fast enough, it would make a nice addition to any home studio.

I find listening to this synth shows off some of the great old school type analog sounds-- it doesn't sound digital at all.  Very warm and organic, almost like you're not playing a synth but a space age keyboard.  That's how synths should be.

Be on the lookout for the new plugin soon.

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