Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The MiniBrute: Has Arturia stolen the NAMM 2012 show already?

Update 3: The price is 550 USD normally, but you can get it at Novamusik for 500 if you preorder.  Wow!

I don't think anyone could have predicted this.  Arturia, famous for their softsynth recreations of classic analog hardware, has unveiled their new hardware analog synthesizer, the MiniBrute.  Some features include:
Voltage Controlled Oscillators
25 Key keyboard with aftertouch
Steiner-Parker multimode filter
Innovative analog Ultrasaw, Metalizer, Brute Factor technlogy
14 faders and 29 knobs
Rich interface with CV, Gate, USB, and MIDI
Advanced arpeggiator
Rugged Metal Housing

I'm blown away right now.  Didn't think we'd see a new superpower come to the analog table this year, but Arturia must know that analog is in.  Rumor is a 599 euro pricetag, which equates to about 650 USD, but let's hope for something a tiny bit lower than that-- maybe 600 to compete with the Minitaur?  Of course, the jury is out until we actually hear and see this thing, but I'll definitely post the first videos I find.  This thing looks great though-- reminds me of an old Moog Rogue or something, and the features sound like a perfect mixture of old and new.  Count me interested, Arturia.

More info via the Amazona website.  Head there for more pictures, but in short some info:
1 oscillator VCO capable of sub-oscillator, Sawtooth, Triangle, Square, White noise, and audio in
Steiner-Parker multimode filter-- low pass, high pass, band pass, notch
2 ADSR envelopes with faster response time 1ms - 10s
Ultrasaw creates multiple, mutually tunable sawtooth waveforms
Metalizer produces extreme Harmonic Trangle
Brute Factor produces subtle saturation based on cross-modulation
several modulation targets: pulse width, metalizer, ultrasaw, filter, pitch, amp
LFO with 5 waveforms, MIDI arp, sync
Advanced arpeggiator including octave switch and adjustible swing
Vibrato LFO with 3 modes (sine, trill up, trill down)

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