Saturday, March 10, 2012

Kids At Midnight - Let You Slide EP

I was away last week, but got a few emails with some great tracks while I was away and wanted to do some of them justice.  One was the Let You Slide EP courtesy of Kids At Midnight, one of Vulture Music's artists.  The title track, "Let You Slide", features an awesome chip-tune like intro and a great Robyn-like vocal line.  The song features a great warm buildup as well.

Also included on the EP is the track "No No Yeah Yeah" and its XM remix.  "No No Yeah Yeah" is that classic analogue-y synth jam that you'd expect from Vulture.  This is a perfect track to put on to chill out to after a night out.  Like "Let You Slide", it also has a great chip-tune lead off.  The XM remix is considerably more lounge with a funky bassline.

Don't forget to pick up the EP from iTunes.

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