Monday, September 24, 2012

Breakbot's "By Your Side" is Fantastic

Breakbot's new record By Your Side is my current to-and-from work music.  The record has taken me by surprise because I've never been the biggest Breakbot fan-- sure I've loved some of his remixes, but this new record is truly the pinnacle of his success.

First off, the record has an incredible old-school production to it.  You put it on, and it sounds like a late 70s disco/funk record-- you can pump it up on your speakers and it doesn't overwhelm-- it still manages to sit perfectly.  I've played it for a few friends who ask me "when is this from? It sounds old!"

There's some outstanding synth work, catchy piano hooks, and slick basslines.  Some of the guitar hooks are completely Hall and Oates, too.  If you've heard Breakbot's remix of Pnau's "Baby", you have an idea of the template used on this record.

To be more in depth of the synth content, there are tracks where there are small synth solos that are incredibly analog, warm, and smooth.  The opening track "Break of Dawn" has a very warm-- and if I'd have to guess, I'd say Moog Concertmate-- analog synth doing the solo work for the later part of the track.  Incredible.

The featured artists remind me a bit of Daft Punk's style, where they would featured Romanthony on multiple tracks on the record.  It's nice because we get more than one vocal between Irfane, Pacific! and Ruckazoid.

Overall, if you're into the funk scene, house scene, or retro scene, you'll be really pleased with this record.  It's taken hold of me and won't let go any time soon.

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