Monday, October 15, 2012

Chrome Brulée

So I'm still in the process of decoding what Chrome Brulée is, but I already love the name and style.  The video above shows what appears to be several artists (each coming from their own tape) in a quick demonstration of what this new collective is about-- synths, retro sounds, and an almost spooky masked man-- reminding me a bit of the 80s horror movies with great synth soundtracks.  But the main thing here is that these guys absolutely get it-- they show off awesome vintage gear, and judging by the audio above, make great sounding tracks.  I'm already wanting more.  Here's hoping we can some tracks sooner than later...

"In a world where music has become irrelevant, in a time where quantity comes over quality...a new force rises from within...armed with magic machines of ancient times...driven by pure passion and devotion.....fueled by the craft and skills of their forefathers....they will fight to make music free again...they will rage until the spirits of old will have their revenge....they go by the name....Chrome Brulee"

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