Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Moog updates Minitaur to Revolution 2

In a bit of a suprise move, Moog has updated their newest synth the Minitaur to revolution 2, which includes some impressive features.  Perhaps my favorite is the addition of savable patches, which was an early complaint against the Minitaur.  Now, by holding down the glide button, users can click the 1 or 2 "waveform" buttons to go from patch to patch, up to 100 in total.  These are of course loaded by the fantastic free plugin that Moog is giving out to anyone who registers their Minitaur online.  This move definitely adds to the value of the Minitaur tremendously, as the lack of patches may have discouraged some performers of taking it on stage.

In addition to this, Moog has also added some exceptional functionality in routing the control voltages to other parameters, and you're even able to pull midi through to a computer through these control voltages.  As the video demonstrates, the LFO of a CV controller routed through the Minitaur and make an Ableton Live filter move.  This is pretty awesome to just add on suddenly-- Moog definitely knows how to treat their customers.

This is actually very similar to the functionality added to the Monotribe, so I hope we see more companies looking to launch synths and improve on them later-- it only seals the deal for those of us who aren't early adaptors, and for those who have already purchased, it's a nice little bonus.

Full pres release below.

"Moog Music announced the release of Revolution 2 for its Minitaur Analog Bass Synthesizer, which was recently nominated for a 2013 TEC Award in the 'Musical Instrument (Hardware)' category. REV 2, which is a free update for Minitaur owners, unlocks a host of new performance features and implements a number of user requested updates to Minitaur and the free Minitaur Editor/Librarian.

Among these updated features, Minitaur REV 2 owners can now create up to 100 presets and store them directly within their Minitaur. Presets are managed from within the free Editor/Librarian software and can be conveniently recalled from the Minitaur’s front panel controls.

Also in REV 2, a new operational mode for the Decay/Release knob provides users independent control of Decay and Release times from Minitaur’s front panel. Users can easily switch between this new mode and Minitaur’s legacy mode from the front panel.

In addition, Minitaur’s CV and Gate inputs are now assignable from the Minitaur Editor/Librarian software. The Pitch and Mod CV inputs can be routed to any function, while the Gate input can be routed to functions with on/off behavior. REV 2 also enables Minitaur to effectively function as an intuitive CV to MIDI converter.

Minitaur: Analog Bass Synthesizer

The Moog Minitaur is a powerful, compact analog bass synthesizer that features a classic one knob per function design. At only 8.5" x 5.25" and less than 3lbs, the Minitaur puts legendary analog Moog bass into a package designed to fit seamlessly into today's performance and production environments.

To download REV 2 firmware and an updated manual click here.

NOTE: This Firmware update requires the Minitaur REV 2 Editor/Librarian.

To receive your free Minitaur Editor/Librarian, register your Minitaur here.

Currently registered Minitaur owners will receive an email from Moog with download instructions."

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