Monday, December 3, 2012

Le Bump - Philadelphia Dance Scene

We're really glad there is a great dance music scene happening in our own backyard - Philly. Finding a great spot to dance that is open late is a rare find in a city that closes up shop around 2 AM and loses much of its artistic talent to NYC and D.C.  Le Bump Philly is a collaboration between local artists to bring you everything you ever wanted to hear on the dance floor - Electro-pop & Psychedelic rock performed live and DJs playing funky house, and a treat from the Worldtown Soundsystem. If you can make it to Philadelphia, we definitely recommend this show! Check out the free She's the Queen download below (recently making the top 10 "must hear tracks" in their genre on w/ their single "Talk to Me")! We wish them great success!

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