Monday, January 21, 2013

Full Sub Phatty pricing, specs announced, plus video

Well, here it is.  Moog's latest and greatest, the Sub Phatty, in all its glory.  A 25 key pure knob affair, coming in at $1,100, meaning we'll see it at about $1000 as the street price.  It's incredibly similar to the Little Phatty in form, with the wedge shape being identical.  The main new ingredients are the improved oscillators, which take less time to warm up and are more stable, and the multidrive circuit, which should allow for better aggressive tones.

You can hear a myriad of demos on Moog's Soundcloud, or watch the video below for the full experience.  I'm really impressed by the Sub Phatty's drum sounds.  It seems like a full on improvement in sound quality from the Little Phatty, and that's no easy feat.


Specs from Moog:
·      Sound Engine: Analog
·      Number of Keys: 25
·      Type of Keys: Semi-Weighted
·      Other Controllers: Pitch Bend, Mod Wheel
·      Polyphony: Monophonic
·      Sound Sources: 2 Variable Waveshape Oscillators, 1 Square Wave Sub Oscillator, 1 Noise Generator
·      Oscillator Calibration Range: 22Hz-6.8KHz.Guaranteed note range at 8’ of Note 18 to 116
·      Mod Sources: Triangle, Square, Saw, Ramp, SH, Filter Envelope
·      Mod Destinations: Pitch, Osc 2 Pitch Only, Filter, Waveshape
·      Filter: Moog Ladder Filter 20Hz-20Khz
·      Audio Input: 1xTS
·      Audio Output: 1xTS, 1xTRS Headphone
·      Presets: 4 Banks, 4 Patches Per Bank
·      MIDI I/O: DIN In, Out, and MIDI over USB
·      CV/Gate Inputs: Filter CV, Pitch CV, Volume CV, KB Gate
·      Transposition: +/- 2 Octaves
·      LFO: 0.1Hz-100Hz


·      Filter Velocity Sensitivity
·      Volume Velocity Sensitivity
·      Ext. Audio Level
·      Osc2 Beat Frequency
·      VCO Gate Reset
·      LFO Gate Reset
·      Pitch Bend Up Amount
·      Pitch Bend Down Amount
·      Glide Legato
·      Glide Type
·      Filter Poles
·      Wave Mod. Destination
·      LFO KB Tracking
·      LFO Range
·      Filter EG Reset
·      Amp EG Reset
·      Legato
·      Gate On/Ext.
·      MIDI Ch. In
·      MIDI Ch. Out
·      Local Control
·      14-Bit MIDI Output
·      MIDI Path In
·      MIDI Path Out
·      MIDI Merge DIN
·      MIDI Merge USB

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