Monday, February 4, 2013

Patrick Baker - Get 2 Know U out today on BeatPort

80s mastermind Patrick Baker has a new Single/Remix EP out today on BeatPort.  The original track has a great synth hook, retro percussion, and a fat bass-- a testament to the golden age of upbeat synthpop.  If the production weren't so clean, you'd think this was a record out of your Uncle's record collection.  In addition to the title track, the EP contains 3 remixes.  Televisor's take on the track is smooth and slower, with a great use of piano.  Robots With Rayguns have taken a spacier approach, and Jolie Cherie's remix is bouncing with slower arpeggios.  Overall, a great little EP and an exciting preamble to the solo record of Baker's that I've been promised.

Grab the EP on BeatPort today, or from all online retailer on the 18th.

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