Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The new Korg MS-20 Mini is supposedly better than the original

While it may be hard to believe, the new Korg MS-20 Mini is supposedly better than the original, according to Create Digital Music.

To quote the article:
"But I think there are two questions that get resounding answers in the MS-20 mini.
One is, did Korg manage to pull off a reissue that sounds like the original – or is even slightly better? Yes.
And does this 1978 design still hold up in 2013? Absolutely."

I won't steal the thunder of the entire story (linked below) but Peter Kirn seems to be pretty smitten with it.  I think this will help Korg tremendously with preorders-- some have been on the fence about build quality, sound, and the size, but CDM seems to indicate these are non-issues-- the build quality is fine, the sound is great, and the size is what you'd want for a monosynth.

Personally,  It's been on my wishlist, but I think I'll commit to preorder soon.

To read CDM's full article, click here.  There's a wealth of new information here, some great pictures of the packaging, and way more opinions on other elements of the new MS-20 Mini.

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