Saturday, March 23, 2013

New Korg Interview with original MS-20 Engineers hints at more analog to come

If you're one of the many who were hoping that the MS-20 Mini wouldn't be the last of the new analogs from Korg, you'll find an exciting quote from a PDF interview with two of the engineers of the original and new MS-20 on Korg's site:

"Do you have any plans for reviving other MS series models in the future, such as the SQ-10 or the MS-50?
'We want to give people who have never actually touched an analog synthesizer the chance of experiencing how much fun it can be. Just how necessary such a device would be in the present day is something that we'll decide after seeing the response from MS-20 mini users.'"

While that quote certainly doesn't guarantee anything, I think it's worth it to say that the past few years have shown a trend within Korg, and that's that they give consumers what they want, if it sells.  What started as a fun little toy on the Monotron led to the more capable Monotribe, and the overwhelming demand for bigger, better, and more feature-fledged has led us to the MS-20 Mini.  The MS-20 is in high demand with all the buzz of the recent videos and reviews, so there should be a ton of sales of the new synth worldwide.  But what could come after the MS-20?  I've already outlined some ideas in this article.

Other topics discussed in the article include challenges in the MS-20's design, why the Mini lacks full MIDI implementation, and if schematics will be released.  The interview is pretty short, so why not read the whole thing over on Korg's website?

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