Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Great Article from Moog Archives on Velocity Sensitivity

You can read a great article on the development of velocity sensitivity in synthesizers by Dr. Moog today, courtesy of the Moog Archives.  The full article scans are here, I don't want to host them completely here, that would be cheating Moog.

The article gives a nice insight into what goes into synthesizer thinking and the history of keyboards.  There's also a valid point made in the article about what we prefer our keyboards to feel like-- whether they have organ like response, or piano like response, or a mix.  My Little Phatty actually has a really great feel in the keys, no surprise there.  It's also quite cool to read an article written by the legend Bob Moog himself.  I hope that we see more great articles like these from the Moog Archive.  I find it fascinating how he talks about the other corporations in his competition.  Enjoy the article, it's a quick read and worth it if you're interested in the history of synths, or you're ever planning on building a keyboard yourself.

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