Sunday, July 3, 2011

Reader Submission - Biosynth "Primordial"

[A quick note-- there are some NSFW sounds at the end of this track (last 3 minutes)-- nothing too graphic, but I wouldn't recommend playing it in front of your boss, parents, children, or strangers...]

This one comes from Biosynth, our first reader to submit a track!

From the artist:

"I like your website.  I am brand new at this synth stuff.

I have a Roland SH-201, and I connect a Yamaha MM6 to the EXT on the Roland, so all the preset sounds in the MM6 (and there are a boatload of them!) I can run through my Roland and tweak them even more than you can on the MM6.
I put together a 7 minute song with several "parts" if you are interested in listening to it, or if there's a place where such things are posted.  It's about a 7mb mp3 file.  I call it "Primordial."

You may want to include the comments I included on the soundcloud page link.  It's primarily an ambient/pad type of song.  There are 3 short erotic sound sequences mixed in during the last 3 minutes of the song ... nothing overly "audiographic" that people can't handle.
The "crackling" that you hear around the 6:30 mark is a recording of a crackling fire I made, and the voices you hear 3 times talking around the fire are actually reverse recordings of my voice.  Interesting if people would figure that out, play it backwards, and hear what it is I was really saying."

Via SoundCloud:
"Primordial is a multi-part song and the intro track to a concept album I am creating. Below are the names of the individual parts in the order that they occur in the song. 
1. Chaos
2. Wisps of Sentience
3. Into The Depths
4. Coming Ashore
5. Latent Echoes
6. Bliss"

Thanks Biosynth!

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  1. It´s funny how I started the same. SH-201 + super old Keyboard. Everything mixed in Ableton (from my brother).